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Our Mission:
Kishwaukee United Way’s mission is to improve lives by sharing community resources.


Our Vision:
Through collaboration, resource mobilization and voluntary giving, Kishwaukee United Way will work to provide a better quality of life for the communities we serve.

Kishwaukee United Way works with others to create lasting changes in DeKalb County. We help support basic needs, prepare kids for success in school, give people the tools to become financially stable and improve the health and well being of residents. We invite YOU to be part of the change.

Be part of the change. Inspire hope. Create opportunities for a better tomorrow. Reach out a hand to one. Influence the condition of all. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Strategic Goals

1.  Partner Agency Relations:  Our Board and staff are engaged with our active agency partners, with strong communication, mutual benefit and alignment with our impact areas.

2.  Budget:  KUW boasts abundant and self-sustaining funds through a balanced and transparent needs-based budget, funded by volunteerism, donations and grants.

3.  Marketing: Traditional and non-traditional marketing efforts continue to enhance the image of KUW to donors, and our diverse marketing plan results in more community awareness, funding, and volunteer engagement from past and new donors.

4.  Board relations and membership:  Our active Board has unique skill sets and is committed to an engaged membership that support staff and represents the diverse communities in which it serves.

5.  Campaign:  Funding strategies, ever-increasing workplace campaigns, endowment dollars, and successful fundraising efforts has led to KUW-led community impact, fulfilled agency requests and emergency funds when needed.

6.  Allocation system:  The relationship of KUW and its Board with partner agencies and a streamlined allocation system has made it easier than ever for partner agencies to submit their funding requests based on impact funding goals.

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Kishwaukee United Way is fully accredited by United Way Worldwide, passing annual requirements. The certification mandates completion of 13 Standards of Excellence for for United Way membership along with verification of the status of 40 indicators that demonstrate that our United Way embodies the intent of the membership tenets.

We Need Your Support Today!

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